Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
We just had sirloin steaks with leeks in cheese sauce on the side. Lovely bottle of primitivo to go with it.

Yes, it's Wednesday, but it's also Twelfth Night, and I feel it's important to taper down from Christmas and not just go cold turkey, as it were.


Cat Malogen
Eggs in fish pie are gross, a luxurious assembly of lean protein perverted by chucking said bulbs into it. All my aunts do them this route historically, lovely ladies but get those piles of globby eggy mush off the table, ta

As per @IdleRich , there’s a time for eggs, never arbitrary choices (although hunger could immediately resolve the opposite too)


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i love eggs, absolutely love them but loads of English people like Wash Your Hands are too squeamish to eat them ive noticed