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March's full Worm Moon, also known as the Crow Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon, will appear on 9th March 2020, peaking at 18:00pm GMT. Typically the last full moon of the astronomical winter, this moon is linked to the start of spring, when earthworms surface and migrating birds return as the temperatures warm up.

I like my explanation better.

I saw some crocuses popping up the last few days. Had a big whiff of the daffodils in the supermarket. Chocolate eggs on the shelves. Looks like we made it through winter!

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I slept like a log last night, except when someone woke up and decided to have a good yell.


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I thought it might be a full moon for a sec because so many people I know are up weirdly late but I've just remembered the clocks went forward.


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it's massive at the moment. love it when it shows itself during daytime already, gives it an eerie touch.


Who loves ya, baby?
It makes me think of Star Wars when it's visible during the day. It's like being on another planet.

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orrible bleary yellow virus moon rising behind bare trees this evening, feels like full moon arriving early