The Moon

constant escape

winter withered, warm
If it does, I'd have some questions.

Funny how Earth, and everything from it, is classified as noise in this situation. Jumping ship, are we?


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grapejuice says stuff about the moon and venus, i cant remember what tho. venus going round the moon over 8 years makes a rose pattern or something, that becomes the rosicrucian cross, something like that. the venus transit is important tho


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just had a look outside, and there looks to be a bright-ish star, in the same area i would normally see the moon (i think) but the fucking moon isnt there!!


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Kept meaning to post these little paintings i did of the moon, back in December 2019, when it was full. the thing i noticed when drawing it out was really how little of it there is, but it has such impact. it's basically surrounded by emptiness.





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yeah that's nice - is that from tonight? i think i can see venus, but not the moon, but i might be looking in the wrong place.


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The moon is the crescent closer to the earth (left of screen) than Venus


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Excerpt from a poem by Ahmad Shamlu:

To rekindle the moon
. I climbed to the roof
with agate stone and grass and mirror.
A cold scythe passed across the sky
that banned the flight of doves,
The pines said something in a whisper
and the night watchmen frantically drew swords
. upon the birds
The moon
did not rise.

from and from the same page, i learn that 'selenomania' is the word for maniacal symptoms induced by moonlight.

The poem itself reminds me of the bunuel/dali film, un chien andalou, where the eye gets sliced open and there's the cut to the cloud 'cutting' the moon open


the twinning of moon and eye...


Always something strange (though utterly trivial) that I can see the same moon as you guys from here. And take a rubbish picture on my phone.



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