The Moon


Dave C said:
- The Sun is exactly 109.288 times the size of the Earth (4 x 27.322). The circumference of the Moon is 10928.8 kms (400 x 27.322)
:cautious: Disappointing- since kms are not an astro-cosmic measurement
Dave C said:
- The moon is likely hollow or without a core and that when the Apollo landers crashed into it that it unexpectedly rang like a bell for several hours.
😎 Wow, we need the recording for the alien sonics thread pronto


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I'll look out for that blue moon this weekend, inshallah gonna be on the coast.

Youve prompted me patty, to type out this description of the moon birthing gemini, from Michel Tournier's 'Friday, or the other island':

"The Goddess of Fantasy hangs like a milky bubble in a sky which her own rays have swept clean of stars. Her round shape is flawless, but it is as though her substance were in turmoil, spinning in a manner to suggest that some hidden process of creation is at work within her.

Vague outlines appear and vanish on the white disc, shadowy hands reach and clasp, faces smile for an instant, to vanish into mist.

The spinning gains in speed until it resembles immobility, as though the very excess of that turbulence had caused the lunar jelly to set.

And gradually the pattern is defined.

There are poles at either end of the egg, with a tracery of lines between them.

The poles become heads and the arabesque the outline of two conjoined bodies.

Two similar beings, twins, are in process of gestation; Gemini are being born on the moon."

It carries on, but that'll do for now. Wonderful little book, a real diamond.


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I dunno if I can blame the moon but I've definitely been in a heightened state of some kind last few days. i doused it with massive quantities of booze last night though, took the edge off it