many doors yes?
let's return to toying with conventional musicality in deliberate reaction to overwrought dissonance
let's return to the presets in deliberate reaction to overwrought 'sound design'
let's return to audible seams in deliberate reaction to the Xanax Zone
- other_life, social media

this is a dialectic between stimulation and boredom. what's interesting is that boredom overlapped into stimulation years ago. in spite of my lack of full reading of Mark Fisher who i evoke here with full respect, i want to use this thread to talk about the results of dangerous but productive wayfaring to tranquil, seductive, narcotic whatever music that tries not to be commercial but still personified. still individuated and still made by human beings. leaking towards inhumanity tho. one on hand i would want to bring up the convergence between two ideas Gilles Deleuze had. his obsession with the collapsing humanity of Samuel Beckett's characters (tracing autism and schizophrenia in them), and "Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming-Imperceptible" (involving the expressed individuated shift from one reference point to another, if you can identify a state of being you can make the Turn to it, shapeshifting with half-conscience involved.) elsewhere though i think it's just a general artistic goal once you work with powerful musical forms and express a dissatisfaction with, what, like, state-mediated happiness? but it isn't unproductive either, you're not sinking into a deep hole somewhat, you're not a victim of it. this is not museum-worthy because the music is already a museum. it has failed, Fisher does of course talk about this:
"These emotions do not inspire bold thinking or entrepreneurial leaps, they breed conformity and the cult of the minimal variation, the turning out of products which very closely resemble those that are already successful"
but here i want to talk about successes and hopefully finally make clear a space i've been in for years and years that inevitably made my path to this site

maxinquaye, nearly god and pre-millennium tension by tricky
musick to play in the dark and black antlers by coil
nyc, hell 3:00 am by james ferraro
betrayal, veiled sisters, maroon and mullah said by muslimgauze
love remains by how to dress well
blvcklvnd rvdix 66.6, dark angel and overkill 2 by spaceghostpurrp
"moments in love" by art of noise
garden of delete by oneohtrix point never
underground vol 1 and da unbreakables by three 6 mafia
one nation and black is beautiful by hype williams
the narcissist and the redeemer by dean blunt
varying "UK electronica", records by orbital, future sound of london and leftfield

subject matter: assemblage of undesirable (to higher class) social strata, the Rough and the Dirt, and coping mechanisms - imaginably burying yourself in and being forgotten, expressing it - as an artistically productive cry for help more or less. a black hole. and usually it leads to accusations of pretentiousness - i want to break that spell here. music can rightfully be seductive depression. physically irritable right now and might try to continue tomorrow. don't know if deleuzifying is against the rules
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No option with you and none without you life is impossible
Not being together and not being apart without resolution or reason
Not in dreams or in hopes while being happy was our wish
You are not guilty and neither am I and now you are without me and me without you
A moment will come and all will turn into ashes
When our souls will rest
And when we will find comfort in another love
That will be the day that we will deteriorate
Around us an emptiness will cover us without limits
And all of a sudden all will look meaningless and thats the day when we will deteriorate


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This may have completely gone over my head, but it reads like retreat as a form of attack, engaging by actively not engaging. That note about minimal variation and turning out products which very closely resemble those that are already successful strikes me as a case of death by a thousand cuts, chipping away through minor subversion. I guess subversion can be absorbed as well as anything these days though, particularly on that scale.


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yeah, i definitely don't see it as laziness. i see it more as him just in a room surrounded by all this media, picking it out as it comes up. and so the 'sloppiness' is actually more real. and over time, the mistakes are what comes to make it into its own thing. in this way, very similar to tricky? what might be called laziness is more likely just trying to parse all this information. like going for a range.


the hype williams/family stuff does have 'audible seams' and isn't in the xanax zone but is definitely in the cannabinoid depression/though sometimes cannabinoid elation? zone. the influence from this school/wider era of rap i'm really talking about is felt in that stuff but not in a direct way


oh my god it's fucking everywhere. i can't pick one defining song.
the main thing is it feels like 'trap' and every resultant micro-innovation has reached saturation and is at a dead end.
i can't get excited ab that shit


many doors yes?
i was very tired and excited by echo's thread, i should have kept it in mind instead of trying to get it out in the moment hahah