θερμοδυναμικός καπιταλιστής
Plus such probing/expansion would seem to be financially incentivized, investment in R&D as an innovation farming, methods to short circuit the business's expense chain, etc.


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ever notice how the good guys always end up dukin it out with the bad guys there like an old west frontier?
That's no coincidence. When you're locked in intense, competitive, anti-inductive games, you always get pushed to the edge of the map. That's where competition pushes you. To the edge of the known. Into the unknown. Into the formal wilderness.

To the edge of a Brooklyn Cultural Mafia, where there is surely a saloon for a show down and a shoot out now a sit down is impossible

(disclaimer not advising anyone enter Brooklyn and start executing people)


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Meanwhile, in Berlin, another rave bringing together medieval aesthetics and hardstyle is taking off. Hailed as the city's "first and only medieval fantasy gabber rave," Mordorkore, a collective consisting of Nico Lim (Butters Club House), Dominic Mealy, Simon Villaret (s1m0nc3ll0), Tabitha Swanson and Nat Lall (DJ Fluffie), combines queer nerd culture and LARPing with epic sounds inspired by fantasy and folklore. Partygoers dress as dwarves and fairies, necromancers and mages, jesters and executioners.


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Science tries to describe without influencing the subject. Experiments, once set up, must work independently from theories, the map must be causally downstream from the territory. This Must becomes an expectation and creates a blind spot. But only the most well-behaved fields really work this way: Sociology and Psychology that deal with social realities struggle with this, especially. For many areas of interest, the map is carved into the territory by its usage, a herbivore trail both formed by and forming the territory. Language, world views, even our memories are such maps, changing whenever they're used.