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Padraig's List.

1) Actual guitar music on Dissensus.

2) A disco ball.

3) A book of luka's political takes.


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DannyL's List.

1) To safely navigate the Tunnels of Set.

2) Something, anything constructive to happen in Syria.

3) Cookbooks.

4) Roger Waters to fuck off.


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Woebot's List.

1) Craner to apologise for rubbing his balls on his A Guy Called Gerald record.

2) Just the above really. It's not too much to ask.


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Poetix's List.

1) A meet and greet with Kate Tempest.

2) A comprehensive analysis of Prince Andrew's morals.

3) Everyone to stop buying into conspiracy theories.

4) Josef K. to recover his charm.

5) Excruciating yoga positions.


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Yyaldrin's List.

1) A blanket ban on any and all forms of stand up comedy.

2) The discontinuation of the Joe Rogan podcast, or at the very least for Corpsey to stop listening to it.

3) Another audience with 'Papa'.

4) Chocolate baklava.

5) The dismantling of the CIA.


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if you look at my post history here you'll see I've been a tireless supporter of Welsh independence.


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Droid's List.

1) Luka to delete his comment from under the DJ SS - Black video on YouTube.

2) The discovery of another shade of blue and/or brown to add to his wardrobe.

3) The success of Extinction Rebellion.

4) Crowley to stop ragging on Dillinja.


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Blissblogger's List.

1) To continue having a big knob.

2) To never be in the same room as barty and luka again.

3) A new career as a food critic.

4) Krust's Warhead to accompany any public speaking event he takes part in.


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Other_life's List.

1) The ability to 'ta!' a post more than once.

2) Barbarism.

3) 'Office Techno' to become a thing.

4) Xanax.


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Entertainment's List.

1) A miserable Mourinho.

2) Fewer 100-page threads.

3) The replacement of Marxism with 'cool shit'.

4) Agonisingly hot food.

5) Someone to explain the 'nuum.


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Catalog's List.

1) A large white SUV.

2) A Hype Williams reunion tour.

I mean, I'd go to the gig, but I'm not sure I actually want HW to reform. It could never work. It would probably upset me a little. I love the fact that they ended when they did. And I do actually have to buy a new car soon, so who knows...


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I like how versions maternal instinct always leads him to do something nice and inclusive in the wake of any bickering. He's a team player. He hates seeing unpleasantness.