The Shining Ones


Every dog has its day.
I read Lord of The Rings for the first time at Christmas. I had been reading it as a child but I was upset when Gandalf died on that bridge in the cave. a big monster kills him. he's not really dead but how was I supposed to know.
when my dad got back from seeing the first movie he reported to me that gandalf "falls in a hole" at one point and you don't know what happened to him. so for years, instead of the extremely dramatic actual scene, i just pictured gandalf peacefully walking along one day and stumbling by accident into a manhole-shaped opening in the ground, like in a cartoon. while everyone else ignores him and keeps walking.


As in, don't tell me you like this goblin nonsense too.
But all I said was it was quite strange for Jackson to claim he didn't want to adapt the book and then make it unnecessarily long - how did you get my opinion on goblin nonsense from that?
For what it's worth I did read The Hobbit and LOTR when I was at primary school but I haven't seen the films right through.


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my friend on the cereal box gives me a conspiratorial wink and I know everything will be alright. Go get 'em tiger and I jump out of my seat ready to face the world. What will today bring? Outside of these walls the tangled lines of fate converge. Maybe today something good will happen, to me! Today could be my lucky day! A modelling scout will pick me out of a crowd and say,
hey kid, you've got The Look!
and I will exit Purgatory forever. This is Purgatory isn't it? This state of being unfamous, with the litter blown against our ankles, dog shit smeared on the pavement, all the
everything we endure. Don't we deserve better? The Infinity Pool
and beyond it
the most expensive view money can buy


is not like other people
such stimulation and all on the misbegotten budget
earned by a careless whisper, words
on the back of the box
or inside it - the tiny plastic play toy
alas what happened to that world? we ate it
and sicked it back onto the walls of every apartment
and called it a colour scheme


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he sure found out the hard way
That dreams don't always come true (dreams don't always come true)


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thats the voice of the structuring selecting principle of socety and the spectacle openly laughing at you and belittling you