The Shining Ones



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luke always talks like everyone always has drugs in or you can just pop out to the drugs shop
I hate the bits with Frodo, Sam and Gollum, but the rest's great. Also they're just a cultural landmark. They're embedded. Everyone's seen at least a bit of them.


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There are so many tedious, sentimental, pompous and cringeworthy bits in those films, but I basically love them all.

I haven't read the books but from the evidence of the films I'd say Gollum was the best character Tolkien created. He hit on something archetypal there. Certainly I have a gollum/smeaogal thing going on in my head.


call me big papa
It is weird how Dissensus turned out, isn't it?

You'd probably have been lynched for liking LOTR on here in 2005.


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Same cinematic universe, same tropes, many of the same characters, same gorgeous landscapes, but for the most part just so utterly redundant and meandering and such a joyless cash-in. It could have been a single really good movie.

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We can agree that the Hobbit films are wretched, though?
I have avoided watching these like the plague. Apparently they feature an elf-dwarf love story? Eeeurgh.

One of them was being shown while I was on a long flight once, so I thought I'd risk watching a few minutes. The bit I saw featured Radagast (who is named once or twice in the book but doesn't even appear as a real character), done up to look like someone who might have been camped out to protest a motorway bypass in Hampshire in 1994, having a little bird chirp in his ear and exclaiming "Ooh, I've got a 'tweet'!".

I imagined poor Ronald doing a rapid rate of RPM in his grave.