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Also Luka I meant to ask, if you are characterising me as an indie kid, are you setting yourself up as the opposite of that?


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Read this one about the alt right last night:

Some interesting bits as always but overall I was left feeling agreement with the last comment, where the guy tells him to stick to McLuhan. But good effort for trying. I'm not sure I agree with what he's saying about the origins of what he calls cultural Marxism. But then I might be wrong. I think dissensus is also better without all the real world politics stuff. Leave it to the fuckers.


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Just finished reading this one tonight

It's about losing ego to get over the abyss. There's a scary monster right before you become really good, it's like the end of level boss and will fuck you right up, unless yo completely dissolve your ego.

Odysseus managed to do it with the Cyclops, calling himself 'no man'.

Adam and Eve fucked up and were not ready.

Interesting little detail about this blog is that he ends it with a quote from BoJo, from when he was mayor of London at time of Olympics...


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I like this image of a masonic tracing board he used. Good optical illusion type vibe. There's another pic I liked of a sea monster but it won't upload for some reason.

1st tracing board.gif


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This one's good

Nice and straightforward. Very clear. Got a bit of everyone: Blake, RAW, Joyce, McKenna all show up. He also dangles a carrot about a woman with a snake that he never really says much more about.

He's getting big into 2012 and it's all about numbers, 108 years between 1904 and 2012, 1904 being when Joyce wrote Ulysses (or was it Finnegan's, can't remember). Joyce was an occultist he says. Or at least occult adjacent.

There's more about the transit of Venus, 8 year cycles...

And now we are 8 years on from 2012... (When the blog was written).

Perhaps that is meaningful? Perhaps not.

He uses this Jungian word, enantiodromia (which I believe I might have first read in dicks exegesis, the little I've read of it).

Always liked that word, from the moment I first read it. It refers to the moment when something flips and becomes its opposite.

So he's saying that various magic people including writers and poets, hermetic order types, have all been working hard, through their various public spectacles, like the Olympic games, to bring on the opposite of our current age, flip from ego to something else.

I think that's what he's saying anyway.


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One of the interesting things about reading these (relatively) older grapejuice blogs is that some of the internet bits have fallen away eg there's the odd dead link, some of the images have disappeared.... So there's a few tantalising bits missing. Adds to the sense of lost knowledge. From this last one, I opened the blogs of the commenters, and there's some other similar bloggers... One guy has a long post all about 'dark side of the rainbow' type synchronicities between films and music


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reading the next one now:

i just realised, 2020 is a leap year!! like 2012.

Surely some significance in the 22 as well, of 2020 i mean. 22 is the number of cards in the tarot. joyce was born on 2nd feb, 2/2.

i guess as well, that after 2012, where there are 2 2s, 2020 is the next one with 2 2s. next one of these won't be till 2032, another leap year obvs.

theres some stuff about 9/11 - far, reaching, mysterious consequences and so on. we've been here before, hes said it in a later blog about the rise of the alt right. he says it polarised people. strikes me this gap idea has been around a while, like the notion that the gap between rich and poor is getting wider and so on. humanity is stretching to breaking point in terms of extremes of experience, opinion, belief. i've heard this again and again.

i bet he's thinking now, in 2020, 'oh shit! corona is bigger than 9/11, i need to go back and check the numbers'.

i've been saying to everyone i speak to on the phone that i think this (corona) is bigger than that (9/11), this is THE event of our lives.

interesting how he mentions 'addicts of the red pill' in 2012! pretty sure i only heard that phrase fairly recently...

he refers to the different cards as 'trumps' which is kinda prophetic in a way.. nice image here for the star:


i like how he rechristens synchronicities as 'non consensus events'.

next event he talks about is 2008 economic crash. again, there are obvious parallels to what is going on now with corona, and the constant professing, by nearly everyone, of impending financial collapse. rishi on telly: 'i'm being really really honest'.

he mentions protests in 2011.

so 2001 (9/11) -> 2008 (Crash) -> 2011 (Protest) -> 2012 (Ritual). the spiral.

he talks about a phoenix rising from the ashes of the olympic flames - obviously my mind jumped right to bat!!

its kinda interesting as well that the current olympics for this year got cancelled. i know we've had one since 2012, but i can't think where. was it russia? just checked, rio.

he says something interesting about good symbols, that they contain ambiguity, they cannot just be one thing, they have to contain a shadow side. i suppose classic would be yin yang, which is pictured in the previous blog, when he's explaining enantiodromia. thinking back to what he says about blake, he says blake is always telling us to have double vision, rational mind combined with imagination, you've to hold the two opposing things together. like brexit! i order to understand it properly, you need to hold paradoxical opinions together as one.

theres a nice poem at the end of this blog, in a comment.


i was somehow able to view it - possibly because of my extra high or low cultic density?

its the film of that wierd event with pics of people pasted on top, and notes pointing out the 5g and corona symbols. a lot of pics of the pope and people finger on lips saying shhhhh

you even don't probably need to watch it to get the gist - but try clicking thru to yt


even at the time that was an outstandingly odd happening, with a great deal of hefty symbolism
This blog is the work of a genius but it’s not to be taken in any way seriously, there’s no point to be made. It’s conspiratorial without any claim to fact, that’s what’s great, it’s symbolism and intertextuality its and myth all the way down. not to say you can’t learn a lot from it and get pointed to all sorts of fascinating things and fresh insights. It’s a trip a whirl.i landed on it by googling strings of things I thought might be connected like mandala Nietzsche whatever.


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Might read one tonight. Im trying to read it in sequence. The early ones are a lot easier. The whole Olympics 2012 series is well worth it. In the one called 'a note on method' he explains his approach as being anti science/rational, magical instead
In the one called 'a note on method' he explains his approach as being anti science/rational, magical instead
ah good recommendation that confirms my ... intuition about the writing

In a sense, then, we are not trying to find some Truth that is Out There. There are no facts, as Nietzsche taught, only interpretations. In this way we differ greatly from the "Truth Movement." There is no Real Story to unveil behind transformative events like 9/11. To assert otherwise is to build yet another foundation, yet another Official Story. By attempting to do this we keep the Spell firmly intact
it's still a bit weird to me that luka also landed on this separately and kept returning. i think he might be my twin flame