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i dont know where i stand with regard to danny boyle. trainspotting is a good film but has he made any other good ones? he was the producer on alan clarke's 'elephant' tho, so he picks up marks for that. and he's from the north i think, so he gets a mark for that.
28 days later is very good. Good use of brian eno's ascent. He told me they achieved that now very relevant scene where cillian murphy walks through desolate central london because his daughter and her mates offered to distract and wave down cars in bikinis


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I thought he was Scottish? Although he bought in Bethnal Green on the cusp of gentrification about 20 years ago.


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I think he is from bury or Burnley. I dint like 28 days later but I don't like those sorts of films, disaster/apocalypse ones I mean. Speaking of funny opening ceremonies, have you seen the one for that Swiss tunnel?

Maybe someone already posted about it, I can't remember how I know about it


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Shallow Grave's alright - although you have to look at Keith Allen's flaccid penis.. Sunshine's cool until the ridiculous ending. The first half of 28 Days Later's good. Trainspotting's good.

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28 days later is very good. Good use of brian eno's ascent. He told me they achieved that now very relevant scene where cillian murphy walks through desolate central london because his daughter and her mates offered to distract and wave down cars in bikinis
So only straight men and lesbians were driving in London that day, or what? Or straight women pulled over too out of sheer inquisitiveness?


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read a couple more over last couple days...

Quadra Sent Him and Trinity Too 1

Quadra Sent Him and Trinity Too 2

about the significance of the number 432. his wheels are falling off a bit now i feel, he's clutching at straws a little. i think maybe cos the games had just finished and he was a bit hyped?

the first one is ok, he starts talking about madonna and her kabbalah interest, how the official kabbalah people don't like what shes doing. it's interesting and all and he goes onto explain the significance of the number 32 (including on the UN flag) and then wraps up by talking about the iliad being started by the apple being chucked to the goddesses, causing a scrap. and links it to the apple in eden, mentions the snake and DNA thing. so far so good, nothing much new.

in the second one, he carries on in the same vein, but where i raised my eyebrows is where he starts talking about the speeches given by obama and bush on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. he says obama read from psalms 46, which is an odd choice, cos it's quite hardcore with a lot of warnings etc, but then says if you count 46 words from beginning and end, you get 'shakespeare' so then he brings it back to the tempest and prospero, dee etc. it's a bit too much for me, this bit.

"Obama and/or his handlers would have been well aware of the controversy surrounding this chapter as they selected it specifically to be read on this most important day.

Were they trying to subtly point out that 9/11 also has a secret authorship?"

Hmmm - not sure mate.

then it gets worse:

"And to tie this whole mess back to 432, here's one final coincidence. If we happen to add 432 days to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year, a ceremony of uncanny symbolic coherence and weirdness, we come to November 16th, 2012. Is there anything special about this date?

For myself, this calculation blew me away because Nov. 16, 2012 is the original end date that Terence McKenna posited for his Timewave Zero before he synched it with the Mayan calendar endpoint of Dec. 21st. He gave a few November dates at different times, and his calculation might be off, but this I think is the day he favoured as it would have also been Terence's 66th birthday."

I mean come on, you're reaching here a bit aren't you?

He does save himself at the end, cos by this point i was thinking, what is he even on about? why does any of this matter again? is it good or bad etc?

He writes:

"We always keep in mind that these symbols and rituals are never entirely good or evil. To be effective they must contain all phases of the cycle at once. As in Finnegans Wake, the River Liffey is at once the pure and sparkling streams of the mountain headwaters, the sluggish, brown estuary washing out all of the mire and filth of Dirty Dublin (in Joyce's day), and the rain-laden sea clouds. To become attached to, or afraid of, only one part or meaning of the cycle or symbol without seeing the whole is to suffer."

Anyway, I'm gonna keep reading, but the sooner he leaves the olympics the better, i think he's got himself trapped there a bit, although i can see why you might have gone full bulb at the time


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Just checked but he's not written anything new. He probably had something in draft and then had to bin it cos no one saw these riots coming. Although it actually makes perfect sense in retrospect. Maybe hell have something by the end of the summer, but that could be too late. I think it's gonna be a long hot summer


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Yeah, possibly, but I feel probably not. I think he's trying to figure out a take. I think he's going back through all his numerology charts and wondering why it's 2020 not 2012.