Twin Peaks


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"Crafted with countless references to the series and its 30 year history, TWIN PEAKS VR combines the supernatural, adventure, and escape room genres, challenging players to solve puzzles and discover Easter Eggs as they explore detailed and authentic environments.

Players can explore several iconic locations including the Red Room, Glastonbury Grove, Sheriff’s Department, Glass Box Observation and more, as they embark on a first-person journey through the mysterious world crafted by David Lynch and Mark Frost."


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The graphics aren't great, but the idea of jumping into Twin Peaks is intriguing - being inside The Red Room.


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Cat Malogen
Finished rewatching s3 on night shifts recently, stunned again

Judy is one of the creepiest presences of an extreme negative force you could dream up. Images that stay the course, first the vibrancy of red for the Red Room comes through more punchy in s3, so i'll ruin it with a jpg


Sarah Palmer played to the limit and beyond by GZ


Judy and the bomb


Gotta light?


this thing is supremely grotesque, its movements, the faint purr of its wings and where it ends up, monstrous imaginings






Too many moments, huge comedown afterglow paradox

And then there's a blank on the horizon



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Got to enjoy it in quiet on a decent screen and headphones over a long munch break and phone off. Bliss

The sound design is magnetic, you're continually drawn into its lair. The characters, meta-meanings and directory craft

Case study like the woods you reference. Spiralling gateways. This punches because i feel at real peace in woodlands/forests, instead these geotraumatic presences in key places (it could so easily have gone native American burial ground gimp mode), almost as if what you don't know is a better intuitive read because of what is suggested and/or implied. Add 253, Laura's murder on the 23rd...

Your mind can't help but make associations. It's too late to quit the fags but different sources say the new show is done, others that it's in production. What a big fat tease


Cat Malogen
Love the way it massages your neural networks long after viewing, can't call it a comedown, more of a settling

Andy Brennan stands out for all the wrong reasons in S1&2, as flawed as the story arcs are. His timing is perfection. Then, to see him end up in the White Lodge 25 years later, receiving the foresight download to help smash Bob, only in Twin Peaks. You need at least one class klutz to offset the darkness




The scene in 1 or 2 with Bob descending the stairs and climbing over the sofa is majestically onerous, DL's surrealism of fear maximally amped although it would have worked better if she hadnt been comforted after



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You could edit s2 down by a good few hours, cleave out the love squeezes that don't lead anywhere plot wise and fuck off Wynd Earl entirely

Eventually you'll get a fan geek edit of some description

Back to the grind


twin peaks is about how david lynch and mark frost conspired to murder laura palmer in order to illustrate to you that television is rotting your brain

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
twin peaks is about how david lynch and mark frost conspired to murder laura palmer in order to illustrate to you that television is rotting your brain
Yeah, that's more or less this guy's thesis.

(Excellent video, btw, although it is also FOUR AND A HALF HOURS long.)