Overwhelming IRL sonic experiences


Beast of Burden
Another evening on the hill. Still bright as you've arrived early to avoid the weather. You approach the peak from an unusual angle, scaling a steep bank, then winding up and around through clusters of quartzite spattered with green and perse lichen. The cloud descends as you rise and by the time you reach the summit a diffuse white mantle has shrouded the cairn. A comrade stands at the edge looking west. He beckons you over. 'Listen to the wind he says', wide eyed. You laugh, empty your ears, stare out into the white.

Sure enough, you hear it. A steady tenor breath, oscillating in some rhythm you can almost grasp, counterpoint contralto bursts coming straight up the cliff, scattered and softened by the fog, and an eerie fluted whistle swirling around, beneath, and above you. You stand for what seems like hours, hypnotised by the playful, temperate wildness of it, this intimate chamber music of the mountain performed under a deadening smudge of vapour by a generous wind that's travelled miles over wave, rock and field just to play this song.

You laugh again.
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All the Shaka chat on the dub thread reminds me of an earth shattering sonic experience at subdub in Leeds a few years ago.

I was in the main room. Iration steppas faded out their tune and there was this HUGE sound from behind the crowd, on the other side of the room. Not a siren, more a steadily ratcheting up drum beat, but so loud that it felt like it would break.

And the lights swivelled onto the guest for the night, King Earthquake, all on his own behind a very small desk, sort of looked like a little mobile unit.

But somehow he was creating this incredible sound.

Crowd went mad.

And then he started on the mic and even that was thunderous. Classic stuff.


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this in Manchester

It's punishing enough on headphones, imagine what its like being pumped through a function one, thought I was going to die, cracking stuff.