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Shub-Niggurath, Please
I don't know whether this has always been the case, and social media has just made it that much more visible, or whether Twitter etc. has more or less created the situation, but I've found that people so often line up in these little opposing tribes to hurl insults at each other while displaying exactly the same basic personality type and prejudices.

You get this with the really hardline ScotsNats, for whom the saltire is a symbol of all that's pure and true and good, while England becomes an official enemy, responsible for all of Scotland's problems, and without which it would be heaven on earth. Which is exactly how any given red-faced Brexiteer feels about the EU.
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Apparently they turned off loads of cameras on the motorways to nip in the bud the process that ends up with inconvenient photographs of thousand mile long traffic jams turning up all over the internet.