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this isn't fitness, it's a freak show. are they actually "fit"? looks like heart attack city to me.


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The title of the video is 'shredded to death' because he died a few days after a show aged 31. His liver had tennis ball size tumours on it. He had been using diuretics etc to achieve that ultra low body fat plus all the usual steroids and HGH etc for muscle growth. It's not fitness, it's ultra fitness


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Yesterday I played my first proper game of squash in years. When five-a-side foootie was banned I created my own mini squash club by advertising on facebook and enticing a number of people to give it a go. it's been fun and I've enjoyed watching a lot of people try it for the first time (it's not a popular game here so none of the Portuguese I know have played it before) and realise how much fun it is. Someone with decent hand-eye coordination can pick up the basics quite easily and quickly start to have enjoyable rallies. But for me it has always been slightly limited as no-one can give me a game, and thus my enjoyment has always been tempered by frustration, and i often find myself looking longingly with a wandering eye at other pairs playing real competitive and fast games.
But the other day I got my chance cos my partner was half an hour late and I prevailed on a guy who was on the same court playing before - who turned out to be Scottish - to warm up with me and, inevitably, that developed into a game. A huge culture shock as I had to suddenly adjust from hitting deliberately easy ones for my beginners to get.... the first serve I plopped gently into the box came whistling back past me and almost took my head off and immediately I remembered "Oh, this is what squash is supposed to be like". For the first time in this country I lost the game even though I think the guy was playing slightly within himself. It was 9-6 which I thought was fairly respectable in the circumstances and apparently I managed a few decent shots or showed enough of some kind of promise for him to agree to a full game at a later date.
And I absolutely loved that little taste, though it was but a single game it was as though I had been subsisting for ages on a vastly adulterated and diluted drug and suddenly I'd been given a pure hit of the real thing. My mind was buzzing, my body had been electrified and I spent all week desperately looking forward to the forthcoming match although I was slightly worried that he had suggested that we play for 90 minutes, an insane amount of time to battle someone who is better than you.... his actual words were
"Let's play for 90 minutes, I am a bit of a squash nutter and once I have the bit between teeth it can be hard to shake me off".
But I reasoned that that would at least give me time to get into the swing of competitive games again. I just wanted to not embarrass myself and my target was to try and win at least one game. But I knew it would be brutal - and it was - by the end of the first game I thought that I was gonna be sick, by the time of the sixth game I was sick, just managed to make it to the toilets. But the good thing was the he was suffering too We played best out of seven games for a set and while he won the first one four nill, the second was 2-2 when our time ran out. And I had served for 3 - 1. So yeah, pleased did ok, already looking forward to doing it again next week. I know I can improve and this is the way to do it. And damn it will get me fit if we can do it regularly. I really feel like I've rediscovered the game and fallen in love with it all over again.


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I'm getting fat at the moment really got to get back to my rigorous diet and interval sprints up mountain sides in 40 degree heat.


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All last week I was waking up really early, like 5:30am, unable to sleep any more, so went jogging every day for 6 days in a row. Like 30 mins to an hour.

Not continued this week but I'm walking to and from the studio 3 times (well, this week, who knows if it will continue...).

Ive cut out all chocolates, most sweets, all crisps. Odd fizzy softie.

Still eating a lot of crap, just about to have a pizza for lunch.

Have also been taking cold showers, started off 30 seconds cold at end of hot, then 1 minute, now I can do all cold. Not easy, but doable, and you feel good after.


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A shit May hasn’t helped, fucking brutal for work prolapsing hard (logistics) and sticking to the bike routine. Fuck running, anyone who does I tip my cap and swollen knees to

Some days you can’t be arsed sweating yourself into the ground - as existential as that. A feast of rain, yet today is glorious so bike crew come alive


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was actually thinking about getting the bike out, might do soon. walking is always the best, but it takes too long.


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Really committed myself to getting properly ready for a decent time trial season, even entering open events rather than just local club events. I’ve broken my pbs for 10 (21:25)and 25 miles (55:33) and at nearly 54 I think I’ve probably never been fitter in my life.