in je ogen waait de wind
Is there an article anywhere on that Netherlands graph? What the fuck

the guy in that video kinda shows the problem though. the country is full of people who think they know better.

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Although Kim Jong-Un actually cried and apologised to the nation for his mistakes the other day.
Comes to something when the absolute dictator of one of the most repressive regimes on Earth has more humility and humanity than the POTUS.


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Taiwan, because they're insulated from China
Vietnam, Japan, S.Korea likewise. They're not having any of their bullshit.


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Chimerica. USA would have fared better if only the god emperor trump's no fly edicts had been heeded.


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The White House has reportedly embraced a declaration by a group of scientists arguing for a “herd immunity” strategy to deal with America’s coronavirus pandemic—days after the validity of the declaration came under question due to a number of apparently fake names among its expert signatories, including “Dr. Johnny Bananas.”

According to The New York Times, on a call convened Monday by the White House, two anonymous administration officials cited the petition, titled The Great Barrington Declaration, which argues that COVID-19 should be allowed to spread through the population. The declaration’s website claims the petition has been signed by more than 15,000 scientists, but, last week, Sky News found dozens of fake names on the list of medical signatories, including Dr. I.P. Freely, Dr. Person Fakename, and Dr. Johnny Bananas.


Portugal just announced what my friend called "Calamity state" which means we're back to no groups bigger than five on top of the 8pm curfew which is already in place - basically just like in UK but a bit worse in every respect.
I was just about to go and buy some new footie trainers cos we've been allowed to play three times lately... but looks like that is finished so maybe I'll save my money.