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Roads are still really busy all things considered. The big difference now with all that is that all the trades have figured out how to class themselves as essential I think?

It's only the office boys who think zoom is the new reality. FM is still cracking on

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Off-topic but I'm pretty sure it's bad luck to still have a Santa hat on your avatar after Epiphany.
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“If you suppress something very, very hard, when you release those measures it bounces back and it bounces back at the wrong time,” The government is concerned that if not enough people catch the virus now, it will re-emerge in the winter, when the NHS is already overstretched."

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Does anyone actually buy into these mad modelling statements that are going round about "one in 50 people have it" etc

I don't understand how it works.

I saw something just now that reckons Barking & Dagenham is 1 in 16 people with it? How is this quantified

I know the standard is shit but

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I need to find a layman's guide to this stuff. I can't really understand the numbers for this stuff off these articles, either most of the journalists don't really understand it either or I'm just thick

It just still seems a very precise extrapolation in some places. There are 200k people in barking Borough its a big jump to declare there are 10,000+ people sick with it this week

Don't really doubt veracity of what's going on its fucking mad out there, but i need like a three minute youtube video with big colours explaining the maths. Or a song
I still have Christmas decorations up. My housemates put them up and havent been back since Christmas. Watching eyes wide shut last night makes me want to keep them up