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Seems to be more backing for vitamin d. Get it into ya

And been reading some stuff on vitamin B1 deficiency after a virus that makes sense with long covid / dysautonomia symptoms. So got some of that to see if it helps with my bounding pulse etc

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looking back there's so much on vitamin d for cold, flu, other coronavirus. why isnt there public health campaigns on this? its cheap and safe

from 2016

There should be a public information campaign, encouraging people to go to their local pharmacist and say "Give me the D".


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Big announcement at 8 tonight I think they are going to establish a human fire break. When a wildfire is raging in a forest they burn trees in advance of the fire to deprive it of fuel and prevent it from spreading any further. I think they are going to cull a segment of the human population to act as a firebreak. Perhaps 10-15% of the population


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they're investigating 29 deaths. some died a few hours after receiving the vaccine. "experts" are saying these people were already close to dying before getting the vaccine but i think that's an easy excuse really.