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Rather shrill these days, teabag. Take a breath. And what's this "pro-disease" thing? Latest one from your midwit talking points mailing list?

I took some ivermectin yesterday. It was delicious.
Have you tried injecting bleach yet? Your golden boy was recommending that at one point, I recall. I reckon you should give it a whirl.


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Word on the NHS street all week is a new variant not being picked up by testing for various reasons

Beyond my remit, but it’s unusual for old pro’s to present as rattled like this


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Hard to tell from intuitions arising from testing teams and respiratory care, we're creeping into flu-ville still have to say a preliminary no

The hunch is it isn't being picked up by testing and the R rate is higher than that declared, R gives you an increase in mutations too

Nearly every care team are on punching jab 3 and struggling, fuckin savage week

The more viral load you're exposed to the worse long term, so if you're palliative care and people with terminal cancer want to die at home, perfect firestorm of immune system horror. Easier to justify chipping off NHS services to pvt contractors when systems aren't reinforced


Pfizer scientists saying natural immunity is better, treatments are being shelved to privilege the vax (which may itself get pulled if independent testing reveals adverse coronary effects), the company is 'evil etc