L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat (1895) in 4K


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i know the novelty is the refurbishing and upscaling of the quality but wtf are the two women running towards the camera wearing around their face?


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Can't they release footage of Jesus tripping over a gap in the pavement to demystify the whole thing


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Why are you lot watching footage of a train pulling into a station? What am I missing here? I don't get it


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It's been digitally touched up

It doesn't look all jerky and alienated like before

We realise the past is just now without 4k cameras


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He used a generative adversarial network to upscale the quality, remove grain and fill in frames. Basically an AI system is making new images to sharpen and refine ancient footage, a machine ghost creating artificial history with a 21st century sheen, indistinguishable from our screen mediated perception of reality.


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Report in Der Spiegel from when the original was first shown:

One short film had a particularly lasting impact; yes, it caused fear, terror, even panic … It was the film L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de la Ciotat … Although the cinematographic train was dashing toward the crowded audience in flickering black and white (not in natural colours and natural dimensions), and although the only sound accompanying it was the monotonous clatter of the projector’s sprockets engaging into the film’s perforation, the spectators felt physically threatened and panicked.

Weird to see it go from shocking monstrosity to the uncanny valley.

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The footage could be used as a benchmark or seed to demonstrate the potential of rendering technology.
A full colour version is already possible
Perhaps in 2030 it will be possible to generate a fully immersive virtual reality version of the scene
By 2040 vast indifferent AIs will name, biographise and geanologise every human in the scene, as well as diagnose TB and pinworm infestation in some of them
By 2050 it should be possible to assign an indentifier to each and every atom in the scene and track where it is now, as well as how those weird face masks lead directly to the outbreak of WW1 less than two decades later.
And by 2095 it will be possible to actually be there and bear witness yourself via wormhole backscattering
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There's a 4K 360 VR clip of the Zapruder film which is fascinating. They've layered it over present day, so you can zoom all around the plaza and see it from different angles as the convoy goes past. You don't need a VR headset either, you can just watch it and click around in the vid.



I keep seeing this shared on facebook.

We realise the past is just now without 4k cameras
This is exactly it. I feel that despite feeling how obvious it is and telling myself that I already knew that and that I'm not just realising it... and then I see someone do something normal and start having that same feeling again and then catch myself at it. It can't be denied it does change how we see it.

There is a short film by Balabanov which has a scene where one of the people walking past the camera in the train station film is the main character in the story. It's obviously not that precise film cos it's set in Russia but I think Lumiere brothers filmed similar things in various places. Balabanov is (or was in fact) obsessed with historical cinema I suppose and there are often little things like that in his films.