Tricky vs. Goldie

Tricky vs. Goldie

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Tricky made a quixotic, unique, one off personal album.

Goldie was a key instigator, perhaps the key instigator of an entire scene. From jumping on the mixing desk on 5 E's while making Terminator with 4hero, extracting some of the best work from Playford and Dillinja, discovering the likes of Source Direct and Hidden Agenda, bringing jungle to the mainstream with the sheer force of his will. He was Wiley before it was possible to be a Wiley.
you forgot to mention :crylarf:


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I agree that Goldie did a lot for jungle, but as artists, tricky is more complete. He is still making new stuff, getting new fans. Whilst maxinquaye is the standout, there's a lot more to him. Whereas as you say, Goldie was more an instigator/front man for a scene. But his actual output is a little lacking. I prefer other jungle tunes to his.


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Did droid say version and catalog were cunts for not agreeing I was an architect?


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Never really listened to Tricky so can't vote fairly.

That said, voted for Goldie. I love Goldie and trip hop is shite. :cool:


I do like Goldie as well, but he's not of the same standard as tricky
It's a Bristol thing, I knew Tricky from the boozer back then, well before House, Jungle or the Blue Note
I basically agree with everything the Droid says (whats new), especially about Kemistry :(

but Goldie is more the career guy, whereas for Tricky it's a lifestyle thing is my impression
Goldie's way slicker and a go getter, and their accomplishments don't really compare, musically, nuumly, Goldie romps home. I voted for Tricky :love::fire::poop: