Tricky vs. Goldie

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I am actually interested in checking out more tricky cos I've never bothered.

There used to be a documentary on YouTube about Goldie called Saturn returnz. Dunno what I'd make of it now in my cynical early middle age but at the time I watched it I found it incredibly inspirational. His passion for music and both hiphop and rave culture, which had helped propel him out of a Wolverhampton housing estate to Miami and then the world... Just going at music full throttle.

Obviously many ppl associate him with The Face and Bjork and jungle selling out and going jazzy - but that isn't what he meant to me, nor was Metalheadz.


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Time has been cruel to timeless I think. It's got classic moments but a lot of cheese. Whereas maxinquaye is an out and out classic.

no it's indie horsepiss shite.

the rufige cru stuff pre-Timeless is unimpeachable though. 92-94.


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The Fifth Element and he played a "Senior Monk" in the Ghost in the Shell remake.


The World is Not Enough, Snatch, that weird film with Bowie and EastEnders.