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"On the other hand as one moves westward the village becomes rarer because the farming is mainly pastoral. No capital equipment was needed, not even special buildings, at first, for animals and men lived under the same roof in the 'long house' an ancient type which can still be seen on and around the south western moorlands"

WG Hoskins.


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amazing - i love this level of thought given to margins and 'drawing' of the text. i did some drawings over some text when i was on the mushroom juice the other weekend:


just trying to combine image and text in a new way by responding to the shape of words not the actual content of the words


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"In northern latitudes throughout the Pleistocene era, the main determinant of animal and vegetable existence was the advance and retreat of the glaciers. These frequently covered large parts of Europe, Asia and North America with impenetrable ice-sheets, locking up huge quantities of sea water, and reducing average temperatures by 10-12 degrees centigrade and ocean levels by over 350 feet- far below those of modern times. Only when they shrank back, allowing the northward spread of oak and spruce forests, and the sub-Arctic vegetation on which the mammoths and reindeer browsed, was it possible for early humans to live much outside the equatorial regions; and even then it required the discovery of fire, and the ability to sew warm clothing, before they could survive a winter in the rich, but frozen, hunting grounds."


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On the blush cheek making, to one
making to the one, a stealing
tear, of blushing as every age
betrays the sight, alone.

By light, ask and mellow reflected
then show to hope again
doubt yet believing, request the lost,
the blush to shine.

Concerns starting bright and oft
soft yielding, blush shining,
charm to hand, around the wound
her finest charm glowing.

So Orpheus tamed the wild beasts
for long night comes down
moving naked, over the wound,
the gem from the crown.


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Im giving the lads all time possible to enrapture me in scintillating conversation and hold off working
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Slick film so crested in white reward
its part look, part tamper
by stilted welcome to burnish its side
at a blush, in singled halter.

Yellow on black mineral for a twitter
bar to wing, flight to span up
snowblink through lime glass appearing,
must not be loaded hot.

Let in the water, dazzled in their eyes,
aroused to cry at either turn
or fledge past the slipper line of days
that run, that are so soon.

Siskin in flocks, arab takeaway larder
won't despise what can't be told:
tie fast to fix up a ragged flag, further
for brokered news, new for old.


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0.0g fibre in milk, we needed
to know that so quickly
for the sake of ribbons and fairings
and the beasts so bonny.

White matter tracts lying deep down
under the code line, clicking
on rapid access to a faulted angle
dogged, scalene, lacking.

The sense of not feeling nor making
a hit at the beak, the beak
of a crow dark-favoured in passion,
now alert for his pick.

Will crest up to miss out the bollard,
stepping, stepping so brightly,
like eyelids over grit they trembled
in lofty slips, twice nightly.


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I was thinking of maybe doing a thread where you explain Gus and Broziod to us. The cultural and social background
theyre a black box to me too. we come from different cultures. Its efficiency fetishizing I think. That moment in goodwill hunting the Harvard bar scene- I imagine this to be a critical moment, the moment they train for


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she has a fairly popular IG account, every post of a short video of her horse jumping over something. the most impressive part is how un fetishized it seems.


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The most exquisite fetishes aren't presented as fetishistic. That's why version watches all those women's pole vaulting videos from the euro championships 1993