Kate Bush vs Madonna

Kate Bush or Madonna, simple as

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call me big papa
Probably this has already been posted - sue me.

I was cheerfully laying waste my enemies on call of duty earlier while listening to a shuffled playlist and this put a real spring in my slaughter


call me big papa
Fuck knows though eh

I hated that Kate Bush one craner selected lately, and yet I like this one. What is going on?

Do craner and I have chromosomes of different length that enables him to like melody a and I melody b? Or is it something cultural, which means I find anything straying too far away from conventional melody pretentious and annoying?


in je ogen waait de wind
this is my favourite madonna song

but i also love la isla bonita

and frozen

what i noticed, is that a lot of mega pop stars have a "frozen" in their repertoire. for michael jackson for example, it would be his "earth song". wish i could come up with more examples now.


call me big papa
When I say 'evil', I mean that I feel like she'd emotionlessly knife anyone who got in the way of her spotlight

Really like this one