The Coming Authoritarianism.

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@sufi I was. They played it as a lead in to the point that the police had spied on school children who were campaigning against the NF.


not only did they do the day of the jackal trick of stealing dead kids' ID,

filthy dirty tricks
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The Mark Kennedy case never ceases to grate

The filth find this amoral, limp-wristed, dead-souled cunt and offer him a cushy life for 3-4 years, snooping on Nottingham crusties. He sells small chunks of illicit compounds, fucks his way through the female rank and file, before coming clean and writing a book. Very very brave work, Mark, very very helpful for society you boss-eyed cunt

Not only were these protests at the most benign end of local environmental concerns, it begs the question what happens when the supposed threat is perceived as more immediate. @sufi piggybacking on deceased I.d’s was a big draw infiltrating republican groups during The Troubles - permission is a legal loophole easily exploited by the unscrupulous, always was always will be


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[Walter] Benjamin suggests that fascistic governments aim to maintain the status quo by providing citizens with the means to express themselves aesthetically without reforming their lives materially. Thus the aforementioned government that Brandon thinks TikTokers have scared shitless actually, as Benjamin writes, “sees its salvation in granting expression to the masses—but on no account granting them rights.” More to the point, any countercultural voltage these influencers purport to possess gets nullified by the fact that they have clear incentives not to talk about controversial matters, lest they get dropped by their brands. “I don’t talk about politics at all,” Brandon says. “It’s like there’s always another opinion. It’s always better to be neutral. I feel like everybody avoids politics on social media. Besides that, though, everyone feels like they have a voice.”