The Coming Authoritarianism.

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a lot of homeless people around london have quickly adapted. they quite often ask you to buy them something / pay for something instead of asking for money
Been finding that around my neck of the woods, too. Or I just ask if they want something to eat/drink because I have no cash on me.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Years ago there used to be a beggar on Tottenham Court Road who'd ask if you had a "spare" 50 quid, which was quite funny.


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Creamfields is shit anyway but thats fucking disgusting

Oh sure, but its the norm. Even underground nights are now patrolled like its no ones business. Club culture is finished. I don't mean dead, it will tick away for Arabella and zoe shagging richard and toby during freshers week. It's vibrant enough for a people who are so invested in their myopic patriotism that any political instincts they have are sadomasochistic, but unlike the 90s, sadomasochism is not a state to be desired, but to be denied under the rubric of A) ignorance or B) community safety and the best for the populous.


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If this whole idea sounds vaguely familiar, it's because the Commission's digital vaccine passports — dubbed Digital COVID Certificates — are likely to have paved the way for the EU’s proposal. “This is the impressive side of this pandemic,” one Commission official said, stressing how digital projects got priority in responding to the health crisis.

“It’s a path of no return,” the official added.


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this is exactly what they discuss and agree upon at Davos etc then its simply a matter of waiting for an opportunity


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Probably been mentioned already, but the passports wouldn;t have to be a mandate to become the de facto reality. Just put it in the hands of private policy makers - i.e. corporate policy, restaurant terms, etc. - and it will have much of the impact of a mandate, without giving passport opponents as much grounds for political dissent.

edit: although I suppose a vaccine passport is distinct from general vaccine documentation, the latter of which is really what I'm referring to here.
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