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After a Decade Without Executions, South Carolina’s Solution: Bring Out the Firing Squad

Frustrated by the lack of drugs available to carry out lethal injections in their state, South Carolina lawmakers are on the cusp of a controversial solution: forcing death row inmates to face the electric chair or firing squad when lethal injection is not possible.

Internationally, the use of firing squads is uncommon. In the United Arab Emirates, a convicted murderer was executed by firing squad in 2014. Defectors from North Korea have reported on the use of firing squads for a range of offenses. China used firing squads for many years but more recently has relied on lethal injection.

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Roughly 600-800 vehicles allegedly caused street-racing gridlock on I-225, Aurora police say

Roughly 600-800 vehicles were allegedly involved in a street-racing gridlock between Colfax and Alameda avenues along southbound Interstate 225 Sunday night, according to a tweet from Aurora police. The highway has since been cleared. Several of the vehicles were “intentionally blocking the shoulders” of the highway in order to prevent police from reaching the area, according to Aurora police.

“There are reports of fireworks and smoke and weapons being waved,” the tweet reads.


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maybe that's the problem with you brits. always so dour, not mental enough. start street racing.