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just read an article about him in this mornings paper (times).

some good quotes eg:

his wife says:

"He's an extremely kind man, whatever people assume to the contrary"

His son is called 'Ceddy'. They've innovated a game to play with him, to keep him amused while they're ill:

"Get out the doctor's kit and make it your child's job to take your temperature. Any game that involves lying down is a good game."

but he's not been to hospital


call me big papa
Share the rest of the article if its good m8

I need to get to know him before I become his understudy


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Cummings said he felt weird, then he collapsed
The Times (London)

April 24, 2020 Friday, Edition 1, National Edition

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Section: NEWS; Pg. 4,5

Length: 484 words

Byline: Oliver Wright

The wife of Dominic Cummings has described how he collapsed from coronavirus symptoms and was nearly taken to hospital when his oxygen levels dropped.

Mary Wakefield, a writer for The Spectator, said that Boris Johnson's most senior adviser had "rushed home" to look after her when she first developed symptoms but was soon very ill himself and lay sick for ten days.

"He's an extremely kind man, whatever people assume to the contrary," she wrote. "But 24 hours later, he said 'I feel weird' and collapsed.

"I felt breathless, sometimes achy, but Dom couldn't get out of bed. Day in, day out he lay doggo with a high fever and spasms that made the muscles lump and twitch in his legs. He could breathe, but only in a limited, shallow way."

She said that after a week both of them had reached "peak corona uncertainty", adding: "I was told 'that's when you either get better or head for ICU'. But was Dom fighting off the bug or was he heading for a ventilator? Who knew? "I sat on his bed staring at his chest, trying to count his breaths per minute. The little oxygen reader we'd bought on Amazon indicated that he should be in hospital, but his lips weren't blue and he could talk in full sentences, such as: 'Please stop staring at my chest, sweetheart'."

The prime minister was one of several Downing Street staff to contract Covid- 19 last month. Mr Cummings, 48, had begun his recovery by the time Mr Johnson had been taken to hospital.

In a short accompanying piece for the magazine, Mr Cummings made no mention of the severity of his symptoms but described being isolated at home with his wife and son as "sticky".

"Everything is covered in a layer of spilt Ribena, honey, peanut butter and playschool glue," he wrote. "I have to talk a lot more at work than I like - I like quiet. Being with Mary in lockdown means I think I am talking all day and Mary thinks she's starved of conversation."

Ms Wakefield, 45, said that their son, Ceddy, had "administered" Ribena to Mr Cummings with the "grim insistence of a Broadmoor nurse". "This might be my only useful advice for other double-Covid parents or single mothers with pre-schoolers," she wrote. "Get out the doctor's kit and make it your child's job to take your temperature. Any game that involves lying down is a good game."

The deputy chief medical officer also shared her personal experience of the virus, telling ITV that it was "really useful" as a doctor to have been through it. Dr Jenny Harries, 61, said: "I found it a very unpleasant experience. I wasn't well at all. I didn't necessarily have some of the clear respiratory symptoms, and I think it's a really good dose of our own medicine, if you like, to experience things, to know how other people feel."

Dr Harries, a frequent fixture in daily briefings updating the public on the outbreak, said that she was being given daily personal consultations by her daughter, a junior doctor, on Skype.

Dominic Cummings lay ill in bed for ten days with a high fever and spasms


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Cummings said he felt weird, then he collapsed
As a self-proclaimed 'weirdo', surely Cummings should seek medical attention if he ever feels normal?

Like how in Fear and Loathing, HST goes to the doctor about his constant heavy sweating, so the doctor asks him to describe his lifestyle, and he does, and the doc says "If you ever stop sweating, seek immediate medical attention".


No... this government has pushed the "anonymous source" thing to the limit and beyond. Once upon a time an anonymous source meant someone who was privy to classified information that they thought ought to be available to the public and so they gave it to a newspaper. It was - an admittedly unverifiable by the reader - piece of underground information that we weren't supposed to have. This government (not just this one but they've gone ever before) has turned that on its head. They use "anonymous sources" to say what the government wants out there while constantly disavowing it in public. You have effectively two tiers of government information which often contradict each other - as a rule it seems that the anonymous one is closer to the official policy and yet can be denied with impunity when it goes tits up.
So, no, I don't trust an anonymous source from this government, especially if it says something good about Cummings as the general consensus seems to be that he IS the unofficial source ninety percent of the time.


i wonder about their "comms strategy" whether they are holding back info, so as to be able to manipulate the populace better, and whether that is a Cummings thing

and if that's not what's happening, then they don't even have a plan, fucking losers


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I never thought of that, and my instinct tells me its too clever for them (have mentioned this before, but the main thing that springs to mind when you see all these government ministers on their lecterns, is that they really are quite incompetent at basic stuff, they remind me of very senior managers, who, forexample, cant do basic keyboard shortcuts), but then cummings is a criminal mastermind...