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It's like Diana, that feels like a comparable mood? In months to come, will people be like, what went on then?


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I feel sorry for him in a way, but he's a twat and brought it on himself. Also Corbyn had five fucking years of this sort of hounding from all sides and handled it better than the Tories have a few days of it.


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He's definitely an entitled twat and he also represents a side of English Ness that a lot of the tory base clearly despise


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I don't think he's got dirt BTW, I think Johnson is just indebted to him, and thinks what he did is fine.


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I'm reading the matt colquhoun book on Mark Fisher atm, and I've prob got this a bit wrong, but he talks about the failure of modern democracies, that you've no voice, just the opportunity to exit, thats it. That's what this is: oh you don't like how we've behaved? Well tough tits, if you don't like it, leave, this is what we are. That's the attitude

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The mob baying for blood is something, what's that about?
Perhaps people who voted Tory to make Brexit happen in order to strike back at that dreadful liberal metropolitan elite are starting to wonder about the legitimacy of this government's anti-elitist credentials.


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With hindsight, the baby-sitting or carer line was a yes-no - it riffs on every parental emotion & the logic flow that arises. The need or cause.

Due to his prominence, every possible childcare requirement would be covered. Equally, Cummings would have a police protection team 24/7, all his immediate family & friends would've been screened by domestic & military intelligence services. All immediate f&f would also be the focus of foreign intelligence services, add corporate, criminal & individual hacking attempts. There is a very secure bubble around the man.

The need masks the intention. His home has been targeted, ie London isn't safe etc. He's not that clever. They have to front the lie out. Like Kim Philby taught, deny everything even when faced with clear facts to the contrary. He should be made to work on a Covid ward in the north east.


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I don't think it's that he "has dirt" on Boris - that kind of thinking relies on the past and has kinda crude blackmail connotations.. I think it's more that he is central to their vision for Brexit/post-Brexit. They're in the middle of a project, let's not sack the project manager. What that exactly looks like who knows, but I'm sure there are a bunch of people who're in place ready to leverage it into power, money and influence. So I guess keeping him in place is keeping all this hidden architecture online.

As to whether this will be beneficial to us plebs, well we've already seen his concern for public health affairs.


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I concur with Danny. He has most likely made himself completely indispensable, essentially sold the party a vision and is halfway through, and his prophecies have come true so far, and the others literally don't know what to do without him
it looks bad but I think many british people fully accept that their rulers do what they like. I’m not sure the public will care as much as the papers are making out, and we know that inner circle don’t dive a fuck about the rest of the party, the media, the opposition etc

I disagree with this. Think of the expenses scandal. There's an enormous amount of anger out there and this is a bit of lightening rod for it all. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
I hope you're right and I'm wrong. Maybe I'm so burnt from the GE that I can't see comeuppance coming from anything these cunts do. But to get a read on 'the mood of the public' It can be valuable to look away from media, twitter, embarrassing placards with twee insults etc and listen to the people with no interest in who don't know him and i've heard say things like 'I feel sorry for him'

The expenses scandal is a good example because the rules broken are relatable to most of the public, unlike something like the panama papers scandal