Who has fucked who on dissensus?


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Well... normally I'm more of a social smoker in that I only buy a pack (or two maybe) if I'm going out, I will smoke them over the course of the evening and then I will smoke any that are left at home but not buy any more until I next go out. Lately I have been smoking a lot more for some reason so I've been tending to buy a pack every day or two even if I'm not going out.
arent you out being social every day though?


No not really actually. I prefer to stay in and read a book or whatever as often as possible (admittedly I'm writing that as I arrive home at 4am on Friday morning), it's just that I do go out to be social I sometimes end up being very sociable indeed.

This is a nice touch though


When I was leaving to go home the barman insisted that I have a shot of tequila - which I refused on the grounds that I was driving home. He said "Wait here!" and ordered his minions to ensure I waited until he returned with a jar to which he added a shot of the tequila, ordering me to drink it and toast him when I was safely home.


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There are so many versions of this tasty, simple rustic pizza that can be found all across Italy, and it is considered a great example of peasant food since it is both filling and inexpensive to make. In many regions, thinly sliced potatoes are used to top basic pizza dough most often with no tomato sauce. Instead, the pizza is created by simply combining some shredded cheese, thin slices of potatoes, fresh herbs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

In southern Italy, mashed potatoes are used to make the dough which results in a very tender, delicious crust, and this potato crust can be topped with a variety of toppings like any pizza. I tasted my favorite version of this pizza at a little panificio (Italian bakery) in Martina Franca. The pizza crust was made with mashed potatoes and then the pizza was topped with chunks of potatoes, a mix of cheeses, some chopped rosemary, sea salt and a drizzle of good quality extra virgin olive oil. This is my variation of this pizza……very similar to the one I tasted in Puglia with just a couple of small changes. This pizza would also be absolutely delicious cut into thin wedges and drizzled with a little truffle oil just before serving!