Invisible Sounds meets Funkamente at Passos Manuel, Porto Fri 6th March0


This Friday we are travelling to the beautiful (I'm told) city of Porto to spin some records in the legendary club of Passos Manuel with the masters of East Side Radio, Tiago and Andre (collectively known as the unstoppable Funkamente).

Invisible Sounds meets Funkamente 5 euros entrance
Passos Manuel, Porto Fri 6th March
0000 - 0230 Funkamente
0230 - 0500 Invisible Sounds

The old movie theatre of Coliseu do Porto, is now Passos Manuel Bar, a bar you have to to visit in Porto. Since its opening, it has been a second home for people in Porto related to the fine arts, literature, music and cinema. One can almost walk past it without realizing what’s going on inside its walls. This aura of a well kept secret gives it an intimate atmosphere, contributing to the chummiest of the nights in Porto.
Working as plural playhouse for artistic and cultural events, due to its movie theatre which also works as a stage for eclectic music concerts and performances, Passos Manuel is the most important hub in the city for deviant arts.
The nights at Passos Manuel are different from whatever you can experience throughout the city. Its Kubrickian minimalist interior design, (by the way, a mandatory stopover for architectural itineraries) gives one the sense that something crazy is about to happen. And when you wake up the following morning, you know it did.
Due to its location, usually it’s not so crowded as the mainstream places you’ll find in downtown Porto, so during the week it’s a quiet place to go for a drink. But, during the weekends, if there’s a party there, you have two choices: one, go somewhere else and the night will be something you have experienced before. Or, brace yourself for a hell of a time at Passos Manuel.
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