Divination - let me tell your future


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Yeah cool, I've not sent many PM's on this, you can't see em once you've sent em can you. This forum is genius


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I could probably do a divination re. the site, is Matt planning to shut it down or similar but I don't know how useful that'd be.


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I would love to do a session if you're game.

EDIT: Meant to tag @DannyL got his Avi confused with Catalog

@snav has gotten very into astrology lately and I think of it a bit like aleatory art, chance generation scrambles the brain provides novelty that's useful, this is more or less how he sees astrology too I believe. Bought a Thoth tarot deck a while back and been experimenting, have found it more eerie and insightful than expected


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Why Divination?

Overcoming our preconceived ideas of anything we're trying to learn about is a hard problem, particularly for introspection. By forcing the "reader" to fit objective observations into a randomly generated system, they become able to observe potentially novel patterns, ones previously overlooked due to their subjective attachment to already recognized patterns.

As a metaphor, consider how drawing a face "objectively" is easier when the source image is upside down. The forced reorientation produces a shift in how one subjectively relates to the thing presented: the familiar becomes once again unfamiliar and thus open to reinterpretation.

The class of divination tools includes many "esoteric" practices such as tarot, i ching, and augury, with the common thread being the use of randomness to gain perspective.


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Decades of catholic deprogramming still leave me with theory>practice over techniques or routes to divination. If you delve into how past societies tucked their disbelief at the mortal horror of existence into cultural horizons, divination as a social norm reveals a vast range of techniques that seem less loaded with bad juju. The disparity and comparisons are always fascinating here

Dreams are the future peaking through, though, seen repeatedly with other people too often to ignore, a realm to be aware of and wary around, lest ye fall foul of the strange vapours surrounding hazard’s anomalous embrace too