Can turn naughty
man one time i saw EDMX play a scorching acid set which had me and the crowd drenched in sweat. at one of the heaviest peaks he blasted this

and blended this in. at one point i wasn't even dancing anymore, literally just jumping up n down losing my mind

when i asked him wat it was and he told me it was fingers inc i was like whaaa. i only knew the sweet stuff at that point


Can turn naughty
actually met robert owens at berghain one time. he was just dancing with his shirt off. ripped to hell. didn't know how to approach him so i said 'hey, does the name mr fingers mean anything to you?' he goes 'well i used to be in them!' cut to 10min later we're in the bogs sharing some party favours and singing bring down the walls. turns out he was after a bit more than i was but we had a laugh and ended up spending a couple hours together. sound dude. think he lives here, or did for a while


Can turn naughty
heard this one for the first time on a ron hardy mix, brought in after a mind melting 15min of hard acid and twisted tape edits

talk about a pallette cleanser. hardy was not to be messed with


Cat Malogen
larry, man

you can still play this shit out now.


One of the few gifted with real grace. I know that's a lazy cliche. He can punch and fly.

You know how Murk got that molten 3D bass and acid is acid....Joe Lewis meets somewhere in the middle with flange. It's not that volume or a sound system make it better, but you can open it up like a valve. Torturous times, Mr @luka



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I'd love to have you round washy we would find the sweet spot. Any time. You're always welcome I'm not going north though