Deep House and Garage


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terrible rip but

THIS, all time gravity swirl of a track. It has about 5-6 elements/stages, zero flab where every beat counts. A composition that I’ve witnessed pull a dance floor together, a sight to behold seeing people lose their shit to the rapture. Rough, garidge-house intersection where you HAVE to surrender to its glory and go off and pull a few foolish moves, borderline possessed


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Sunday morning 7am. The place almost empty now. Your mate's been passed out the last three hours on the couch in the corner with half a cig still in gob and lukewarm jd & coke in paw. You checked his pulse and now it's just you and a handful of worn out but happy revelers wringing every last drop of energy you can from the pills you all boshed about 3 hours ago. Occasional eye contact, knowing nods and grins. The air, stale but homely - spilled beverage, dry ice, sweat and ganj. The peak long passed now and the gears are simmering down. Soon it'll be time to face the journey home unless there's an afters you can crash. The dj glances up and scans the room. He starts to fade out with nothing coming from the other deck and you get the pang of reluctance. 'Where's the next track? Not yet' you think..

A second of thickened silence

..and the organ starts up

Posted this one already but its a mood
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