Deep House and Garage

Mr T’day, very much. Those S4G & DiY Discs vinyl are among some of my favourite records. Off the top of my head, the Warp lp Strictly 4 Groovers was a companion piece to Selected Ambient Works in lots of ways, but with a strong US influence too

Nearly every track off Big D’s Lounge is fiyah, dust this beauty down couple of times a year

A later gem on Classic
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possibly influenced by pink cali intake

Hard to improve on Two Lone Swordsmen, but Kenny Hawkes r.i.p. got the repetition/trance just right.

Blaze & drum programming, can't really put words to it. A subtlety with compression & the space between notes. Add savant skill levels with moogs & key solos, a lot like Glenn Underground's best work soloing over jams, Callisto too. Please don't puke if offended as one of my brothers motioned at it once

The French brought that rougher Jersey, almost-garage sound back in recent years. Not the filter mcdonalds drive-thru crap.

DiY, consistently ahead of the pack for 15yrs. Rick/ Digs aka Grace Sands now is someone worth the price of admission to hear, huge scope beyond house & an encyclopedia of grooves. Pete Woosh
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wow...jayne Casey! she was singer in seminar post-punk bands big in Japan, pink industry and pink military.