Deep House and Garage


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as i was saying earlier, very difficult music. you have to be so vigilant. yes, good stuff out there. definitely. but one wrong step and youre in unforgiveable territory. completely beyond the pale.


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So, so vigilant. Many could and should find themselves in gulags, herded into trucks and bombed in open fields while said event is streamed live. Miguel fucking Migs types. That'd get my vote. Any release featuring a bikini or "Bar Grooves" in/on the sleeve. Or make them fight each other to the death, Roman style. Mmm-mmmmmm, shadows and dust.

Problem is when you pull a random lass out on the piss. You click and she flirts enough that you take her home within a few hours. In through the door and she's on you like herpes, whispering in your ear that she has a fetish for inflatable butt plugs which she's brought out in her handbag and Aqua playing on repeat until you've prolapsed her rectum.

Then you randomly think of Cherie Blair and it's all ruined. You phone her a cab, kiss her good morning and as she skips off you close the door and this is still playing upstairs. From then on you always hear it whenever you hear unforgivable House or see Cherie Blair and the only thing that can cure it is seeing Joey Negro pulled apart at the spine by opposing tractors. There's only one Joey Negro though and we can't kill them all. Can we?
I always had a soft spot for this Miguel Migs track it has to be said.
PetalPusher- Breakin it Down

I can't believe that peak Naked Music is the absolute worst cul de sac of Deep House (not that I can think of any contenders). Their catalogue warrants further examination.


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To some extent, but the sleeve images are/were an unnecessary gimmick that cheapens things. Of the entire catalogue only a small % have staying power, ie still worth listening to today. To be fair, there were far worse offenders.


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Some great tracks upthread. Hope im not reposting.

This should cross the line for me, but I got a soft spot for it. Chris Brann:



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Some bumping picks. Guidance were buy on sight. Dana K/DKMA is all good, put his tracks through a system with cajones and magic happens.

Charles Love From SF Webster is a gentleman and a scholar, the old Square Studios in Notts gave the world him and pretty much anything affiliated to DiY and their sound.

When i think of Scandinavia mid-late 90's Svek comes to mind

My record bags are mostly retired barring the odd outdoor summer smash aka all on hold, but this has been in it since it came out. Mixes perfectly with Callisto and Charles Webster