Retreat: How the Counterculture invented Wellness


Beast of Burden
Did he indulge in Dutch Courage and get up and make an incoherent speech that will get him cancelled if anybody recorded it?


Beast of Burden
We're the old white male bloggers now, if we can't get cancelled like Joey Negro, who can?


Beast of Burden
I'd be cast out as a misogynist, even though I am the greatest and most literate male lover of female aesthetics in England and Wales.


Mine arrived yesterday - big brick of a book which I'll be battering into this weekend. Sure there'll be plenty of funny nutzoid behaviour and loads of smelly hippies to loathe. Nice Jon Savage-style listening guide at the back too, featuring Lee Perry and the Ramones.


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If anyone has read my book do please take the time to leave a review at Amazon. This helps me and the publisher Repeater also. It's not difficult to do and I would greatly appreciate it.



I remember Mark asking me to review Capitalist Realism - and mine was the first review up there.