On the fakeness of the internet


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Part of me is a serial bullshitter, part of seeks the most sincere of engagements. Posting online lets me indulge in the former and helps me trick myself into thinking I'm getting closer to the latter


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Poor lad probably gone to bed, outstanding first night 8/10

I commend the initiative of just jumping in and establishing a presence but think more along the lines of 6/10. engagement counterbalanced by too many scattershot new threads in just his first day or so. we'll see if he settles into more of a natural rhythm.


Yeah, it feels like we can only make tentative responses, don't wanna scare anyone away, & so don't know quite what to say

didnt s'one already use that ferret woodpecker avatar? no relation probably i suppose

what are we all up to this evening? anyone doing any online mischief?