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The big new star in my corner shop is the Korean fire noodles. First time I bought them I was paralytic and didn't know what I was letting myself in for. I added chilli sauce and fresh chilli and the pain was borderline unbearable even in that state


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Indomie I would say is my staple favourite but you have to get the Indonesian ones not like the Nigerian ones or whatever that taste like a knorr stock cube


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Years ago I opened tons of tabs on my brother's PC with different YouTube clips looping at stupidly high volume and it was all screams like that, someone throwing up into a toilet and Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the the Future going "Ronald Reagan?! The actor!?".


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I have something to contribute!

These are very good. I don't know if they're suitable for prison use though, I'd want to get that "REAL" CHICKEN MEAT (visible as cursed rectangles in the image below) good and hot , not merely jailhouse tap warm.

There's an intriguing smokiness with this flavour. They also do Peking Duck, which is fine, but this one's better.

The serving suggestion is good, they really do taste better when served on a square of bin liner (plus you can get at every last molecule of delicious sauce with your tongue that way).

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