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A deranged C120 discovered and restored in mysterious circumstances. no info on the tape apart from the tracklist and the war exhortation:
'out to the conspiracy of equals. Big up ya chest. Your time!'

honestly, if techno people wanted to be political without being annoying didactic bourgeois cunts, they could discover surrealism. that's the way to win the alt rightists to communism through subconscious satanic manipulation.
as class struggle terrorists we can not have universal moral compasses but granit layers of prophecy anticipating the perishing of the species or the coming society. communism is apocalyptic, but it sides with the apocalypse rather than fearing it.
do not forget that apocalypse does not mean extinction, which the religious scriptures have told us has already happened many times and will continue to happen. apocalypse is the destruction of the moral order. apocalypse is the cry of avanti-barbari echoing worldwide
careerist leftists who were hardcore anti-electorialism in 2014 but now sniff james butler's bacon shit
the gentrifiers had a guilty conscience in 2015 and were like we want more 'pee oh see!' whilst pricing 'pee oh see' out of their clubs and residential areas.
whenever i encounter proper hardcore Anglos I do everything to spite their sugary baked beans bovine philistine culture but whenever i meet university 'diaspora kids' (read) ppl who want to be English and fit in) i intensify my north london accent just to rub my englishness in
m8 i was listening 2 dembo riddim with darbuka in 97 when i was not even 7 i didn't need 2 hear it in shite american justin beiber pop 2 ride diaspora wave. i was born a mistake for western deconstructed club.
this used to blast out of hackney and dalston for 5 years straight you cunts you don't even know talking about how everyone was listening to eminem there, lol pls m8, hackney used to be kurdish-turkish hood mk2 before you lot from cheshire socially cleansed us.
with ur privileged resources u could help me set up a dungeon party for bears with lsd overflowing out of the walls
you know if u didn't crank ragga twins spliffhead and piss off your english teacher in sixth form don't talk to me for a week i don't care about your rock music. I'm legit here because of this tune literally you cunts.
poptimism was a mistake tbh it was trying to get suburban cunts on our side let's throw it into the gutter and then shit all over it after applying a douching enema ruthlessly. goowy stinking scatology.
& rockism was always for David Bowie fans who could never live in London.
maybe the thing suburban punk rockers can do now if they wanna be formalistic (in socially relevant sense) is invent some kinda fart multiplier which multiplies one of the band members farts & makes the crowd physically uncomfortable.
is class war.
Rectums of the world, unite!
apologies for whipping out my knob and pissing on a police car
I've never fucked anyone when the residue of baked beans is in my body, let alone remotely close to my cum. I relish this fact with pride.
Anti-piracy propaganda is a strictly bannable offence. this is a proletarian safe space! Pure usufruct or bust!
weed turns everyone hippy regardless of sexual orientation. cardinal sin of hippy movement was mixing lsd with weed. and from that eventually sprung children of the bong and psytrance. lsd+speed is the true avantprole combo.
told them psytrance was IDF music and death to their fascist raves so now all is left is me cussing him in turkish asking him to show me the strength of his cock.
the sleeper has awakened...


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that's the way to win the alt rightists to communism through subconscious satanic manipulation.


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Hurts to say this but this is even better than the first Bobby Bisto session. We were both reinventing hardcore but you've done a better job. It's more fully realised and conceptualised. Mine was wicked too though don't get me wrong. But this beats it.


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Tasty so far it reminds me of the intro to against nature on downwards but with some free jazz. Im waiting for the drop


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Don't worry third there's a strict policy of ignoring one another's creative efforts here. It's nothing personal.