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biscuits didn't ask for more pay and now he can't pay off his debt even though he could have gone to open university. what a clueless man when it comes to finances. even more illiterate than my late granny who was actually illiterate. what a joke. farcical.


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now he'll convince us he didn't pay tuition fees. All lies! he is a man condemned! even mummy and daddy biscuits are furious with him.

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Won't people doing this just get moved on to a prepaid meter? Seems like a pretty bad idea tbh. Guess if you can't afford to pay though it makes no difference either way.
Well the first action is mass cancellation of direct debits and a request for pay me t by other means. So it looks like there are a bunch of ways to get involved with the campaign.

75,000 pledges so far and rising. They can’t fit that many prepaid meters.



You are an anon though. for all its worth you could be in Australia and your name could be Jolyon.
Incidentally, those two things are both correct but the fact is my contention is also expressed by several economic luminaries in the article referenced