So exquisite because of the unexpected release in a frenetic, unpredictable structure. The ambient bits are better than any ambient tune out there for this reason, it's the balm when you needed it but didn't ask.
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There's something quintessentially jungle about that "exquisite" moment isnt there? Exquisite is exactly the right word for it, almost like a delicately curated artifact hanging there in virtual space glittering and transparent and angular

it's a special jungle thing innit, blissing out! though as you say sometimes it's just stopping the beat to make way for the ambient sounds to shine through, but there's an ecstacy rush thing happening too,
something it's about the pace and the pause, it's not just about crescendos usually is it?

is it the harshness of the breakbeats contrasting with the melodies working different from standard House? is it the way the "timeslippage" of the different elements sometimes reaches a moment of synchronisation. I have to say i always though the whole timeslip concept was goldie being a pseud

anyway this thread is great for the tunes, not my 1/2 assed commentary - don't forget to make a tracklist so it will continue to make ssense when the yt links crash out?