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Apparently they've just dropped a bunch of live sets and have two new albums on the way,

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Version did you have any luck finding the archive video sets of the 4utechre twitch thing they did. That was great
I have a theory on this, touched on it a little in that afx discussion in the best songs thread… nerds aiming for mass appeal make interesting things. Socially inept people creating things to lose their virginity. Outside music the obvious example is Mark zuckerberg trying to get his hole and ruining politics, all of our lives, the concept of truth.

Producers like autehcre, afx, objekt to some degree are naturally quite fussy taste wise, restless... abstract concepts, odd detail.. so those elements come through even if they make something quick and ‘basic’. It’s not the bit they need to try at, the bit they need to try at is the immediate embodiment, the immersion, the emotional oomph… But when these types let their restlessness and desire for complexity take over and try and be too clever they kill momentum and energy.

Many love Aphex for the intensity but I like his sense of melody more than anything. and nearly getting there and missing the mark for mass emotional appeal can be captivating, the reach, slightly off pop… not IDM but EUDM, emotionally unintelligent dance music


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That Dublin gig was outstanding.

this one? just listened to about 40 minutes and it's pretty uninspiring knob twiddly noise... can't say i'm impressed. if it didn't have autechre on the label i would've turned off. Maybe it gets better.

I have seen them a couple times live tho, in the 00s, and they were fucking brilliant both times. best one in manchester where they played in total darkness, well before this became more of a thing.
Zuckerburg can't do normal friendship and romance so he uses nerd brain to deconstruct it, to understand its mechanisms and flows, he decodes and recodes it and builds a new nexus, a new map that tantalises us with its amplified and distorted social pleasures , it seduces us the narcissists we all are now, makes us addicts, drawing energy away from the territory and onto his monetised map til they're inextricably enmeshed, it's his world now. This is nothing to do with autechre I just had a coffee.