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Sort of like going back to their hip hop electro roots a bit. But I don't like it, they've taken the zing out. I can imagine it working at 5am or something, with something else mixed in.


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don't think it's that bad but maybe not what you sign up for when you get an autechre remixx? inb4 "they probably didn't like the original track", heard that one before


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I don't think it's that bad but it's not that interesting either. I would expect something a lot more out there from them. Although I do like hearing them working with a vocal/song for once.


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have to agree w/ the haters here. i'd never listen to that or the skeng remix. i don't think ae have had any feel for "populist" aesthetics since about 1991. it's like when j.h. prynne tries to write something normal outside his poetic language and everyone's shocked at how sophomoric and stupid it sounds.


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Have you heard the Skeng remix, Luka? You'll find it really funny. It sounds like someone taking the piss out of dubstep. The sound of frozen plumbing trying to kick in.
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