Intuitionist Maths might help reconcile quantum physics and relativity


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For the record, @version had a good phantom post about how Mr. Tea would make a good Nazi. I was trying to post that Waldo gimp image, but alas the antecedent post has vanished.


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What I said was that Biscuits is more right wing, but Tea's more convincing as an SS officer. I can just picture it more vividly.


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What qualities make someone a good Nazi? And is that better or worse than being a bad Nazi?
Well here, by “good nazi” I really mean an effective nazi, rather than an altruistically defective Nazi.

Mr. Tea would make an effective Nazi, according to Version.


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Of @Mr. Tea and @mixed_biscuits , who is Enzian and who is Weissman?
I honestly just think of MB as someone running a denial-of-service attack on Tea at this point. It's a classic pattern, being executed really well - keep spamming requests, basically ignore the responses, maximize the amount of time that the target has to put into dealing with them while minimizing the amount of effort that you need to put into producing more of them. "look, here's a link that I found!" "You can't just say it's rubbish, you need to give me a handcrafted point-by-point rebuttal!" "I don't like that rebuttal, do it again!" "Look, here's a link that I found!"

I'm not sure what the motivation is, though. Is Tea doing anything so important that shadowy forces might be trying to keep him too tied up to do it?

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There was a clandestine committee at the Nuremberg trials, the Committee on Malapropistic Malpractice, that was after him for a while, but they eventually ceded out of sheer fatigue.
Yeah, I was hanging out in Buenos Aires with the other guys for a while, but Eichmann eventually said he couldn't take it any more and handed himself over to Mossad.