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I think it's better described as being anti-(anti-fascism is the real fascism) isn't it?
Yes, that's what I mean - it's parodying people who think anti-fascism is a big scary violent thing that they need to worry about. I'm well aware that John is solidly anti-anti-anti-fascist!
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The whole world needs to link up together with each other for out der we have a common enemy who have all the money and power and most of all a agenda for us all so stop fighting each other and better plan to stop there agenda against us and most importantly are children I no these comments should be about the bars which I like but need to raise awareness of my concerns because my concern is creeping up on all of us, same concerns same problems same enemy same war, link together like adults or die, We tink we control but no we are controlled, GODBLESS to all modern day poets and bless🍀💯🙏
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Could you expand on this?
Yes sorry I was having my lunch earlier :)

On the one hand you have relatively privileged people - journalists, authors, lecturers, film directors etc - some of whom are millionaires. This is the usual focus of "cancel culture". These people say or do bad things and there is a twitter-storm and they are "cancelled" but most of them seem OK and either continue working or pivot into this writing about being cancelled schtick we've gone over on this thread. Some of them are so rich already that they don't need to work.

On the other hand you have people with less privilege - ordinary people who lost their jobs because of trade union activity, or who get arrested at demos or get picked up in Portland by unidentifiable cops who take them to unknown sites for who knows what. Or even people who get sacked from supermarkets for going on a rant on facebook about how shit their job/boss is.

The class dimension is that as far as I can tell only the first lot really gets covered as part of "cancel culture" - but the real serious harm is actually done to the second lot.

This also raises the "free speech" mania that is going on which only seems to be about people's "right" to chat sexist or racist nonsense. The media seems a lot less focussed on people's right to talk about their shit working and living conditions or how they have been victims of racist or otherwise corrupt policing.


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In case anyone was in doubt that this shit is a grift: childrens' magazine apologises to billionaire JK Rowling after she threatens them with legal action for saying that her comments "harm trans people":

Because obviously "it's important that challenging issues can be freely debated" doesn't extend to the issue of whether people who can afford good lawyers are transphobic.


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a debate is a debate, my experience of life as an LGBT person is my reality. But she should have the freedom to say what she thinks as much as I have the right to call her a terrible cunt and hope her income suffers (even if its a negligible amount given her excess wealth)

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She hasn't said or done anything wrong
she compared gender-affirming hormones to conversion therapy, which is undeniably an awful thing to say

especially as trans people have historically been targeted at a higher rate for conversion therapy than any other LGBTQ segment

here's a cisgendered gay man who survived actual conversion therapy explaining the awfulness of that comparison

her dig about what to call "people who menstruate" ("wumben? wimpound? woomud?") was also unnecessary, childish, and mean-spirited

what you think more generally will depend on where you fall in the trans/TERF split. I very firmly believe she's on the wrong side of history.

her exclusivism is of a gentle variety, replete with justifications of her empathy for everyone. it's still undeniably exclusionary.

I'm not defending everything people have said back to her. threats are unwarranted. in related news, Twitter is a cesspool of toxicity.

but @boxedjoy is 100% correct that people have every right to tell her off

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I'm also a (cisgendered) queer person who's been involved with trans men, trans women, non-binary people and pretty much everyone under the sun at one point or another, I have multiple trans or non-binary co-workers, I grew up around trans or genderqueer/non-binary (didn't quite have the words back then) people from my teenage years onward in that intersection of the diy punk and art worlds, so I don't quite have skin in the but a lot of people I care about very much do.

JK Rowling, I'll say, doesn't bother me as much as some of the stuff I've seen around here, i.e.

also they borrow from Orwell the idea of words ceasing to mean anything but what power arbitarily decides them to mean. a women could have a beard and a penis. you cant argue or you will be sent to the Haliburton death camps.
which has so much wrong with it I don't even know where to begin

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Unless CATO institute is cancelled in here
it's the flagship think-tank of the Koch brothers, or the remaining one, anyway, and has been for decades

not talking about cancellation, but understanding the slant of whatever sources you're using


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It strikes me that, the emergence of pro-trans discourse and the discussion of same on social media sites that incentivise conflict, is a match made in hell.

It's a difficult subject to think with, if you don't have "skin in the game" so to speak, 'cos it goes against so many key concepts that we learn very early. Social media seems uniquely ill suited to do this in an equitable way and Rowling's comments seemed to me to empower exclusion and pumped it out through a huge platform. The idea she's in end sense been cancelled is wildly wrong. She's been vocally criticised in a way she doesn't like, but that's different. Viciously so at times, but ....

My daughter recently started to refer to herself as a "little girl" having previously been unaware of gender (afaik) and it seemed like something of a Fall. Away from a kind of innocence into a more conditioned and restraining identifications.
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Trying to square the little knowledge of I have of trans thinking with bodywork therapies like Wilhelm Reich's work is a kind of very loose intellectual experiment I think on from time to time. Probably basically incompatible tbh.