john eden

male pale and stale
So enigmatic, all the Dads, with their aura of mystery. So close in their armchairs and knitwear, and yet there is a chasm that divides us.

We bellow questions across the canyon and yet their answers, if they reach us at all, are muffled, indistinct.

Is the only way to truly understand Dadness to become a Dad oneself? But then, will we too lose the ability to truly communicate with the un-Dad?

Many have pondered on these questions but the answers remain as elusive as the ethereal Dads themselves.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
That's my Dad's name; using his forename here in a deliberately disrespectful manner to convey the seething anger I feel for him having voted for brexit. Albeit in a very passive-aggressive fashion. And on a forum he won't read.
I believe Rich's dad had a high-powered job with some bank or other, making him 'Das Capitalist' to his friends.

wild greens

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I went on holiday to Tunisia once with the Mrs and while we were there there was a bloke who would walk up and down the beach outside the hotel in a leather jacket- it was red hot- and approach you surreptitiously then try and sell you turtles. i never did figure out.

this was after the museum shootings but before the one on the beach. we went out a few times but there's no real romance to roadblocks every mile and a bit, mixtures of police and military

when you walked the cities though the poverty was really stark. you could understand why they were robbing turtles or swimming in leather jackets. never read foucault or any philosophers really but there is nonce gravitation to these impoverished areas, look at glitter or ****** in thailand/cambodia

anyway i wouldn't really recommend the place pandemic or not, though the seafood was uniformly great