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okay i looked it up, is this an english thing in particular? i think it's depressing a bunch of ugly people disturbing the serene beauty and idyllic peace of nature.
Ahh, well the thing is, you don't do it in the serene beauty and idyllic peace of nature. You do it in a litter-strewn bit of scrap land near a motorway lay-by.

The squalidness of the venue is an inherent part of the appeal.

So Squalid Crew.


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typically reservoir car parks, a lot of them round here have to get locked at 6pm to stop the doggers


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When I saw that IdleRich had posted on this thread I thought, "great, we're going to get another story about one his crazy Portuguese mates!"


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Dunno. He was using corpseys name initially but yen he changed it.


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Good thread this

It was founded with noble ambitions. I clap every night for the doggers staying home protecting the nhs from not having unprotected sex. I’m also intrigued about possible correlations between pre-Christian ritual sites and dogging sites. There are gods at work in these hinterlands.