'The Infamous' 25th anniversary edition


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I thought this was going to be about 25th anniversary editions being terrible or something.


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When Luka says he's off dissensus for a bit cos he's got important work to do, does it mean he's got some DMT?


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Luke contacted me earlier this afternoon. I can report that the virus outbreak has forced him to radically reconsider his lifestyle and philosophy.

"psychedelia is a distraction from the struggle against kapital.

hallucinogenic drugs are a bourgeois assault on the real.

Joyce is a stooge whose linguistic experiments serve to atomise potential revolutionary enclaves. I am 250 pages into Hard Times."


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I can confirm the bit about Hard Times.

Apparently, novels are no longer middlebrow and, for good measure, Dickens is better than Balzac.

This Lockdown has to end.


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Can you really judge Balzac vs Dickens if you're reading in translation?

I only read one Balzac book which made a minimal impression on me.


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Where's version let's get the poll going. I have read the children's illustrated version of Christmas Carol and watched the Oliver twust with oli reed