'The Infamous' 25th anniversary edition

at this point i think it's accepted that H.N.I.C. 1 and Return of the Mac are masterpieces in their own right

i'm a big fan of H.N.I.C. 2 cause it captures him at his literal lowest trying to beef with everybody in the tri-state area and somehow despite not rhyming at many points he's still was an arresting figure to listen to

Product of the 80s is ok i suppose and

i loved Albert Einstein the last real time you could say he was rapping his ass off

It's almost like his career goes in 3 acts

People laid alot of the blame for Mobb Deep falling off at his feet but really Havoc fell of just as much if not more,its not like he lost his ear for good beats and he was interesting in a way that some of his peers had stopped being long ago
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Not very well, ive just been listening to a loefah boiler room with jonny banger on the mic, and now mala. And theres all this good new dean blunt related stuff, and all the plague pods. But thanks for reminding me